Haute Areal News:

DOCTORELLA - Ich hol dich aus dem Irrenaus

MaryOcherThe first single by DOCTORELLA is now available digital at Finetunes, iTunes or Musicload

Watch the video here: Doctorella - Ich hol dich aus dem Irrenhaus.

MARY OCHERs The Sound Of War Single OUT NOW!

MaryOcherGet the digital single at Finetunes, iTunes or Musicload.

BLITZKIDS mvt. single "Water" OUT NOW!

StankowskiThe new BLITZKIDS mvt. single "water" is OUT NOW!

Get it as 12inch VINYL incl. MP3 downloadcode in our Haute Areal Shop, or as download at iTunes or Musicload.

The official video can be also bought at iTunes and Musicload.

STANKOWSKI at Gotteswegstudio A

StankowskiJohannes Stankowski recorded a nice afternoon session with his band. Check it out!

Johannes Stankowski Video

Johannes Stankowski Audio

MARY OCHER "Void, void" Video

StankowskiMary Ocher "Void, void"

STANKOWSKI "Torres Vol.01 "

StankowskiAnd there it is: the STANKOWSKI album "Torres vol.01".

As CD or VINYL in our shop,

or as download e.g. at Finetunes, iTunes or Musicload.

STANKOWSKI "light & clear"

StankowskiThere it is! The first single by JOHANNES STANKOWSKI.

"Light & Clear" is the name and it's available in every downloadshop:

e.g. Finetunes, iTunes or Musicload.


Mary OcherThe new Mary Ocher Shirt is there!! Only 15 Euro!!
Designed by our favourite T-shirtlabel éveil.

Get it now !

And there are many, many other shirts for 15 Euro!!


Mary OcherGet the MARY OCHER album as CD in our Haute Areal Shop,

or as download at Finetunes, iTunes, Musicload or every other downloadshop.

STANKOWSKI Video "Ligth & Clear"

STANKOWSKIFinally the first Stankowski Video is online.
Christopher Marquez created this romantic little masterpiece on tape.
"Light & Clear" is the first Single of the album "Torres Vol.01" and will be out on April 01, 2011.

>> Watch the video here <<

MARY OCHER - Trampoline

Mary OcherThe fabulous Florian Fusco did a video for Mary Ocher:

>> Voila! <<

MARY OCHER - On The Streets Of Hard Labor - OUT NOW!!

Mary Ocher

Get it as ownload at Finetunes, iTunes or Musicload.


BLITZKIDS MVT Get it as VINYL incl. downloadcode at our shop.

Or as download e.g. at Finetunes, iTunes or Musicload.

MARY OCHER Video "on the streets of hard labor"

MARY OCHER You can watch the video of the MARY OCHER single "On The Streets Of Hard Labor" which will be released 25.2.!!

>> click me <<

Willkommen BLITZKIDS

BLITZKIDS MVT We are to happy to release the first single of Blitzkids soon!
On 18.02.2011 "Blinded" will be available, including cool remixes (12"Vinyl / digital).

A video of the single is out now!

MARY OCHER and 1000 Robota

MARY OCHER Your two favourite acts together on tour...crazy...

And a video of the non-album-track "Man Of 1000 Faces"...wierd


STANKOWSKIYou get the newest news of, about and with JOHANNES STANKOWSKI at the official STANKOWSKI Blog


RONNY TOURGet the RONNY TOUR T-Shirt now!!

==> to the shop!


MITThe first RONNY TOUR album is out now!

Get it as CD e.g. in our shop, or as MP3 e.g. at Finetunes, iTunes or Musicload!


MITThe first single "in love" by RONNY TOUR is out now!

Get it in all recordstores and downloadshops, e.g. Finetunes, iTunes or Musicload!

FRED RAPID in the ByteFM Container

MITOn 19. october, at 22:00 FRED RAPID can be heard in the ByteFM Container.

More infos: ByteFM site (german).


MITOn 10. September 2010 the new MIT album "NANONOTES" was released.

You can buy it as CD or VINYL in every recordstore, or as MP3 at all downloadshops, e.g.. iTunes or Musicload.

FRED RAPID - White Raven Video

Fred RapidThe video of the FRED RAPID hit "White Raven" is online!!



SEDLMEIR "Import Export "

SEDLMEIRs "Import Export" is OUT NOW!!!

Buy it as CD e.g. in our shop, or as MP3 in all downloadshops, e.g. Finetunes, iTunes or Musicload.

FRED RAPID - Gorleben Video

FRED RAPID has made a video to the song "Gorleben.

Watch it now!!

MIT - Rauch (Luke Abbott Remix) on DJ-Kicks

On 24th may the Luke Abbott Remix of MIT's "Rauch" will be released. You'll find it on the James Holden DJ-Kicks.

SEDLMEIR "Import Export "

You can preorder the new SEDLMEIR album "Import Export". Release is the 30th april.
Order CD now, pay fast, get the CD on the day of release!

At Motor.de you can listen to the CD!!

And a commercial is at YouTube!

FRED RAPID in Autocenter

If you have missed the vernissage + conzert of FRED RAPIDs Glasswork at Berliner Autocenter, you can watch a video at Berlinerkunstkontakter.de.

SEDLMEIR "Killing'em"

As a little pretaste for the soon out coming album "Import Export" SEDLMEIR has released the MP3 single "Killing'em" exclusiv at iTunes.

Watch the video at YouTube.!

FRED RAPID "Glassworks"

Fred RapidThe debutalbum of FRED RAPID is now available as catalog in our shop, or as MP3s in all downloadshops (e.g. Finetunes, iTunes or Musicload)! More informations about the catalog at the FRED RAPID artistpage.

If you have missed the releaseconcert you can see some photos of it at Christian-Faustus.de.

Werle & Stankowski Video Cologne (Hans Nieswandts Monkey Station Remix)

Fred RapidThere is an inofficial video to the Hans Nieswandts Monkey Station Remix of the WERLE & STANKOWSKI Hits Cologne at Spex.de!

Fred Rapid - Ponyboy 7inch VINYL

Fred RapidPonyboy is the second single from the monumental dogma-work „Glassworks“ by Fred Rapid and is available as crystal vinyl (plus MP3 downloadcode) or as MP3!

Of course there is a video, too : Ponyboy Video